Obsidian Black Enamel
Jade Green Enamel, fall 2021, jade green, perfect pairing fall
Denim Blue Enamel, bee collection
Mulberry, ruby red
Bee Crest Hoop & Charm, Denim Blue
Bee Crest Hoop & Charm, Mulberry
Bee Cameo Hoop & Charm Earring
Bee Cameo Hoop & Charm Earring
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Bee Cameo Hoop & Charm Earring

Jade Green Enamel

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Nature's tiny wonder skillfully carved in high relief with a lustrous enamel surround, suspended from an enamel hoop.

Charms are removable and hoops can be worn separately. 

  • 24K gold plated
  • 1 inch length
  • Julie Vos hallmark