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Need a jewelry touch-up?


Email us at hi@julievos.com & be sure to include all of the information below so we can process your request. 

  • Name, email, and phone number
  • Proof of purchase 
  • Image(s) of damaged item(s)
  • A description of your repair request 


Please note, every request is unique and evaluated on a case by case basis: 

  • Only current styles are eligible for repair. Please note, we are unable to re-plate the jewelry. 
  • If the piece was purchased over 12 months ago and is eligible for repair, 25% of the purchase price will be charged as a fee.
  • If the piece was purchased over 12 months ago and is no longer eligible for repair, we will offer you 50% of the purchase price in store credit.
  • Please note, if the damage was caused due to neglecting our jewelry care instructions we are unable to repair your piece.
  • If your item was purchased from one of our retail partners, please contact the retailer directly about your repair.