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Stone Guide


A dreamy stone with celestial sheen and soft opaqueness

rose quartz

Blushing gem with a rosy glow and soft translucence


Natural beauty with enchanting ivory luster


Richly iridescent, radiating grays and greens

malachite green

Vibrant greens in bands of swirling contours

lapis lazuli

Like a starry night, glittering with golden pyrite flecks

turquoise blue

Rich shades of blue with fine black lines


Named for the captivating green of the Amazon River

black onyx

A timeless statement of sophistication and simplicity

clear crystal

Pure clarity, a brilliant embellishment

chalcedony blue

A lustrous shade of periwinkle blue

aqua chalcedony

An elegant and serene Caribbean blue

citrine yellow

Warm hues of yellow and gold, the perfect neutral

tourmaline pink

Brilliant sparkle in amorous shades of pink

aquamarine blue

Flawless clarity reminiscent of tropical island waters

sapphire blue

A magnificently deep regal blue